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Hello. My name's Charlie.

First things first, I don't have laser nipples. I think it's probably best to clear that up from the beginning. When I told Lizzie, my best friend, that I'd set up this blog using this username, her response was 'there is something medically wrong with you'. Which would probably be true if I did actually have nipples which doubled up as lasers, or at least I would have had some incredibly extortionate, probably really painful plastic surgery to make this the case, but I don't and I haven't. I'm just rubbish at thinking up usernames. Actually, there is a tangentially related story to this. I have a nipple piercing, and once I slept with a boy (literally, once; not even once upon a time, it was that I slept with him on one occasion and one occasion only) who afterwards said 'I like your nipple piercing. It makes you look like a cyborg in disguise.' Which was quite ridiculous, really. And then I thought that it'd probably be really cool to be a cyborg in disguise with like, laser nipples or something. It'd definitely be a really excellent chat up line. Especially at sci-fi conventions.

But mainly I just think laser nipples would be pretty cool. Hence the username, I suppose.

So that's that out of the way in order to explain myself to the poor sods who stumbled upon this because they really wanted some porn involving hot cyborg girls with lasers shooting out of their nipples. I possess none of these traits (well, okay, I'm a girl admittedly, but the rest isn't true) and there isn't any porn here, but that's okay! There's loads of porn on the rest of the internet.


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