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I'm back in London for a few days, after New Year's in Bristol. I hadn't really thought so much about new year's resolutions until now but then I realised that there was a pretty good, quantifiable thing I could do.

Watch more films.

This is a pretty stupid idea considering I'm in my first year of university so I have some academic work to do unless I want to do resits (which I really don't) and also I spend most of my free time doing comedy which is actually more time-intensive than you'd think, and I got Skyrim for Christmas so post-exam revision the rest of my time will be spunked on that (who am I kidding, actual revision time will probably be spunked on that too). But I've watched an appallingly small amount of films (which is probably made up for by how many times I have watched the first Back to the Future film) and it's a constant source of befuddlement when everyone else makes jokes relating to popular culture which I don't ever get.

So I think maybe aiming for watching 50 films I haven't already seen this year - which adds up to a film a week, so that's two hours a week minimum - is a good idea for a resolution. I'm going to record everything here, and probably keep a list of films to watch. Actually, I got a few DVDs for Christmas so I think I might start the list now. In no particular order:

Attack the Block
Being John Malkovich
Panic Room

Actually I suppose that ended up being unintentionally alphabetical. Whoops.

I have some more vague ideas for things I want to do this year - get better at comedy, do more gigs, don't fail everything, get used to what my life is like at the moment without constantly fretting about fucking it up - but none of those entail writing a list, and the internet is mostly lists when it's not porn after all. Or lists about porn. And everyone loves a journey of pop-cultural self-discovery, RIGHT?!?! Right.

Or maybe my new year's resolution should be to stop ending posts with 'right? right.'
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